someday saturdays

[from easter 2009]

the weather is so lovely outside.
I'm dyyyying to just be out there. at the beach. at a park. somewhere. anywhere.
but jared is at work, & this past week was jam packed,
leaving a trail of laundry & general cleaning in its wake.
somehow, this is the story of every saturday.
so, I'm left with the song of the dryer & open windows,
which isn't so bad.
I even got some dirt under my fingernails this morning since I FINALLY potted our succulents.
that in & of itself is like the essence of a saturday in the spring.

but that doesn't mean that I'm not dreaming of our someday real weekends spent together,
around the house, or not around the house.
no part time jobs, or worrying about whether the downstairs neighbors are annoyed by the vacuum.
when I think about it, it smells like pledge & involves the lawn mower.

someday, someday.

xo, kelsey

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  1. 'Someday' will get here soon enough. Enjoy the now. ...A constant lesson for go-getters like us, I know. ;)


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