lately: phone photos

1. the $135 couch I walked away from during my bi-annual thrift store adventure
2. some girly accessories covering our bathroom counter
3. a pretty (but faint) double rainbow on the way home from work
4. my new seating arrangement at work
5 & 6. how-to make a golden doodle fluffy, by mama essmann
7. first sunrise at work of the event season! totally makes the early mornings (somewhat) worth it.

my phone has been so-not-awesome recently. 
the phone photos are dwindling, that's for sure.
& iphone dreams remain on hold until august. le sigh.
good thing we have a raaaaad camera!
in the meantime, I keep taking pictures elizabethtown style,
which makes jared laugh, & that's kinda one of my favorite hobbies.

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