sunday best

happy palm sunday!
& here's to this being the last sunday of the season that showcases tights.
it's april now, weather. try to keep up, please.
(unless you're just giving me another week to get some sun on those legs,
in which case, thanks, I GUESS.)

we're having a super productive day over here at casa de bethune,
& it has thus far involved zero april fools' pranks, which is just the way I like it.
it's all beautiful breeze, dave matthews tunes & awful dave matthews imitations, sung by mr. bethune himself.
almost enough to ruin the songs, but my love for dave runs deeper than that.
I can't even get too flustered with the perp, since he just made my $5 thrift store lamp functional.
that, & he just called me his dreamgirl.
consider yourself off the hook... this time.

I'm about to use my powers of persuasion to convince him
that frozen yogurt counts as the perfect palm sunday afternoon snack.
& HAAYYY... also a sundate! double whammy.
wish me luck.

xo, kelsey

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  1. seeing you in all these adorable clothes makes me want to take pictures of you guys again. I'll be saying this even into our nursing home days.

    oh & hey, I can hang out post thursday this week.. wanna meet for lunch friday?


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