hitch your wagon to a star

from our honeymoon - st. croix, 2010

i am:
waiting for allison to get her patootie over here to drink some vino
reading "crazy love," & it's crazy face-slappy
craving mcdonald's... so shameful
procrastinating. right now.
mentally shopping for new cars every time I drive around town
the thief that's cutting roses around our apartment complex
still sore from this past weekend's events
seriously contemplating hair chopping
on yet another ginger ale kick
kinda missing college tonight, with all of its deadlines & new knowledge
definitely missing my emily, wishing I was talking wedding with her over shaved ice & orange juice
craving an adventure - from here, to anywhere
adjusting, situating & warming to an unknown future
uncomfortable with that unknown, but being stretched, nonetheless
jared's biggest fan - with the annoying whistle, the #1 finger, & some ridiculous chant
being kissed all ova my face by a mr. who just got home from work

so, bye!

1 comment:

  1. Your hair looks miles long in this pic. I looves it. & while I despise all things mcdonalds, Im with you on that ginger-ale kick, sista! Cheers!


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