sunday best: easter edition

happy easter, everyone!
such a spectacular day to celebrate jesus.
i took THREE HUNDRED pictures today.
three hundred!
it was just that lovely of an easter sunday.
we started the day with the sunrise service,
spent the day with friends + family + dogs
& we're ending it with more friends,
watching movies & eating ice-cream.

& I wish I was more chatty, but it's really hard to write & watch a movie.

ps. I finished book two of the hunger games series,
so I should be a little more reliable around these parts.
until book three arrives. & I promise to read it fast.

xo, kelsey


  1. two things.

    first: it appears that you found the perfect necklace for easter. it looks beautiful.

    second: the second photo of jared looks like something straight out of jcrew. i mean. what the crap, sweet-photo-skills-kelsey. we need to go on a photo shoot together (something other than a wedding ;)

    how about we plan that. along with our delayed chipotle photo editing bonanza.


    1. I really wish I could take credit, but my model makes my job reaaaal easy.
      & yes, yes & yes.


because lezz be frandz.