sunday good

... heeeeyyy.

I'm behind on internetting.
I KNOW I'm not the only person who gets this way.
when it's been 3 or 4 days since you had time to check facebook, twitter, instagram...
(blah blahhhh blah) & you just feel kinda behind on that whole world?
& so I just avoid my laptop in general.

& so I write to you from my ipod, lounging on my couch,
watching The Dark Knight on tv,
in a state of numbness after not one but THREE events over the course of 36 hours this weekend.
I have no Sunday Best post, even... which is upsetting.
but I barely peeled myself from the couch this afternoon after church.
& when I did, it was to attend a funeral in the pouring rain.

all signs point to = not a cute kinda day.

& right now I mostly just want to mourn the loss of heath ledger all over again.
heath, I loved you even as the creepiest villain of all time. 
it's true.

I'm about an hour away from sleep & day two of my weekend,
which means relaxation with my man.
it's not sunday best, but it sure is sunday good.


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