happy birthday, dear mama

aren't old photos of parents just the best?
this is my mama & her irish setter, shanty, taken by my dad in... ohh.. 1977... ish.
it's her birthday today, & we are celebrating all of her wonderful ways.

it really is amazing how much I've learned about her since I got married.
I always thought I was a daddy's girl.
I even thought that I looked more like him.
but from looks to personality, there is so much more of her to me than I ever thought.
sometimes I see this because she's verbally shared wisdom from an experience,
but mostly because of the small ways I find myself trying to do things the way mom did it.
every time I catch myself trying to figure out how mom made something work,
I know her just a little better.
how she did things. why she did things.
her wisdom. her deep love. the simple ways she shows it.
there's a lot of her in me, & I am so proud of that.

so happy birthday, mama.
you are an inspiration, & a perfect friend.
I love you!

xo, kelsey

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