note to self

just a few reminders as things are about to get super busy all over again:

-stop throwing your clothes on the floor when you get home
just because you're tired & sore & probably still a little bit sweaty.
you won't pick them up again. just put them in the hamper. 
-stay inspired. & make time for inspiration, for goodness sake. 
-take pictures! then take more pictures! & stop making excuses to not take pictures! 
-plan adventures, but sometimes plan to let the adventures find you.
(rough advice for an event planner, I know.) 
-kick those anxieties to the curbbbbbb!
-in fact? RELAX.
-water the plants. 
-don't overwater the plants.
-speaking of plants, firmly plant kisses on jared's face whenever you want.
because you can.
-make new playlists. ones to dance to in the car, with songs that you can hum all day long.
-keep drinking all of jared's ginger ale when he's not looking.
pretty sure that he's onto you, but he hasn't said anything yet, so keep on chuggin'.
-oh, & don't forget to read. you have three books patiently waiting for your eyeballs' attention.

there's more, but you'll think of it later.
now breathe in some of that fresh & pollen-y spring air!

xo, self

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  1. Don't know how I missed this when you first posted it, but one of those three books had better be Looking for Alaska (and hopefully another one is The Fault in Our Stars, but I won't hold my breath).


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