Let's talk about blog posts.


Yep, we're still here. We're actually working on some really exciting changes for this little blog, & we need your help as we revamp some things.

Blogging is a little bit of a dying art form. Instagram & Snapchat (& Vine & Facebook & Twitter) make every day goings-ons super easy to access. I am an avid user of all of those platforms... Well, except for Vine. I love the immediacy of them, & knowing what my sister in law in Cincinnati is up to with her kiddos on any random Friday afternoon. But I'm both a writer & an obsessive preserver of memories, with a super cute husband that makes life both funny & an adventure. Blogging is like a diary I can't quit, a photo album that doesn't require me to actually print photos. (Something I REALLY REALLY REALLY WISH I could commit to doing, let it be known.) I refuse to give up on blogging, even if that means being the girl speaking to an empty room.

I can't force blogging to be a thing again. Maybe that ship has sailed. But what I can do, since I refuse to quit just like Britney Spears (amIright) is better understand HOW to blog in 2016.

So, please. Take a second & answer the poll over there (to the left to the left). Did I miss something? Leave a comment! No account necessary... You can even be anonymous.

Here's some samples of the blog posts referenced in the poll:

Style Posts - Women's only
Style Posts - Women & Men
Lifestyle Posts - Our daily happenings in regular ol' paragraph format
Lifestyle Posts - Mostly pictures, less chatty
Lifestyle Posts - Posts about our daily happenings in bullet point format
Good Things Posts - Things we're loving right now
This Month Posts - 1st of the Month list
Recipe Posts - Food we're making or recipes we're trying
Essay Posts - Gimme all the words
Video Posts - Vlog Style
Video Posts - Compilation Style
DIY Posts - Home & crafts
Tutorial Posts - Hair, makeup, style, etc.

Thanks, guys! Can't wait to be back, new & improved!


  1. As long as you stay in this room there will be at least one other girl in the room reading about your thoughts and lovely/funny life. She is me.

    And I will continue to keep posting as long as I can, as well. :)

    As much as I love your incredible style, have always admired your beauty, and delight in your wit, I love hearing you heart in the process and seeing what stirs wonder in you. You have such a gift with words and I think the demand a blog has to its readers is a gift, not an inconvenience. If I don't have time for 5-10 minutes to sit and care about someone else's life and their thoughts, I am a very small person indeed.

    You are a gem and I for one treasure your brilliance.


  2. Kelsey I have always loved your posts. You are a gifted writer and I feel a bit like I got to visit with you even from far away. I especially love you traditional lifestyle posts--both paragraph end bullet points, and the good things posts. I look forward to you getting back into it!


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