this month - october

EATING - birthday cake, & anniversary dinner & all the other delicious things that October entails.
DRINKING - pumpkin beer, rosemary spritzers & apple cider. I could go on. Have I mentioned October is my favorite?
PRACTICING - a little abstract art via the welcome mat the previous tenants so kindly left for us.
MASTERING - waking up early enough to have a balcony breakfast together. It's THE BEST.
LEARNING - so much at my new PT job... Like, the drinking-out-of-a-fire-hydrant kind of learning.
PLAYING - Imogen's newest album with the windows open in the afternoons.
FINISHING - organizing a few last corners in our apartment.
READING - Gone Girl, if I can manage to stop watching all the shows that are premiering. 
WATCHING - Gilmore Girls from the beginning, yaaaassssss.
WALKING - to work with my honey! We work in the same district now & it's SO pleasant.
WEARING - booties basically every day, for as long as my poor feet can stand them.
COOKING - mostly Whole30 still, but treating ourselves to the restaurants surrounding us. 
WORKING - on growing out these bangs... Heaven help me.
TRAVELING - to an apple orchard! But otherwise, just welcoming out-of-town friends to DC.
WANTING Netflix to rethink taking down my beloved classic Law & Order right when I was in the middle of 1993 with Mr. Big & Lumiere investigating. *huff*
 Whatcha doin' this month?

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  1. I love that you do this every month. I think I am "borrow" the idea.... do you mind? :) Also, I love that you are still doing the whole30 recipes! Way to go lady!


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