this month - june

^^ finally got a picture where the month isn't centered directly in the middle of my forehead ^^

MAKING - things to fill our blank walls
CRAVING - dad's grilled pizzas
PLAYING - catch up on aaaaall the things after an insane May
LISTENING TO - Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, a very borderline boring podcast about conspiracies
READING - emails. Like... let's not kid ourselves.
WEARING - earrings, but only because Jared got me moon phase earrings for our 9 year dating anniversary.
LEARNING - how to style my hair, made more interesting by the fact that I left my straightener in Richmond this past weekend.
GOING TO - explore more corners of DC with my love in this slightly quieter month
WORKING ON - bettering my day-to-day schedule. It'd be so lovely to have an update on that for you come July.
OBSESSED WITH - Grapefruit juice & the Into The Woods soundtrack
PLANNING - more details for our grand 5 year anniversary adventure
EXCITED FOR - a mini trip home for golden doodles, toddlers & a swimming pool
HOPING - for more rainy days, which are goooood for my soul
STARTING - to see some new growth on the plants I somehow accumulated this spring #oops
FINISHING - my third Whole30, if I can say no to the gelato in our freezer for 20 more days

What are you up to this month?

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