adjusting to life in a home office

Still car-less! Jared, in his husbandly wisdom, took me to my parents' house today before he went to work so I could partake in some socializing after two days of non-stop alone time in my office. We are heading to Richmond for a Friendsgiving celebration this weekend, & I was able to prep some of the dishes we're making in my mom's significantly more glorious kitchen. Guys... I've been actually making the recipes that I've pinned & it's sort of been a game changer. As someone who is mediocre in the kitchen, & finds it to frequently be a hostile environment, it's been encouraging to make food & then actually have it be a tasty success. I feel like, skilled. Or at least like I'm learning skills. Progress!

We live about 200 ft. from a coffee shop, & I'm always tempted to go down there to work... But I love my new office so much (although it still has some final touches that I need to complete - Thus, no reveal yet. Oops.) & I know that a coffee shop = spending money on coffee that I should be saving. & let's be honest, I'm probably going to skip the coffee & go straight for hot chocolate, which my thighs do not need. Working from home has already been a tremendous lesson in self-control & time management. It's really tempting to stop halfway through the day & just stare at the clock, counting minutes until Jared gets home & I have another human to interact with. It is so very rude that our apartment doesn't allow dogs. That's all I'm asking for - Just another heartbeat in the apartment! Mais non. Not yet, anyway.

My next trick in this new at-home chapter is figuring out the whole fitness thing. I've certainly cut down on my bad eating habits by not being in an office environment, which has also helped with our budget. But! I'm less active without having four events to work every weekend, & said budget doesn't really allow for yoga classes or a gym membership. This saga to be continued... But also, leave me any tips or tricks in the comments, please. I'm accepting aaaaaall the advice.

Tomorrow is Friday! How's that for a happy thought?? xo


  1. I am thankful for friends & family that I can facetime/skype/google chat with during the holidays. (Speaking of which... we should try to plan a face-to-face date sometime soon!!!!) I am also thankful for the knowledge that God is in control of my every day even when I feel lost & foreign in this crowded city. (PS. I have a june jar already and loved using it in the states for my iced coffee -- so if I win, this one's going to my mama.)

  2. Oops - go me. I wrote this one the wrong post. Let me fix that.


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