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Hullo, friends. I've been absent around these parts, which seems to be a trend about this time of year for me. Sometimes, real life calls & then keeps you on the line foreverrrr & once you finally hang up, you don't feel like talking for a bit because you're just simply talked out. & that's precisely what's happened. The brief synopsis of where I've been is:

// I've been blissfully busy with a few newborn photoshoots recently, & let me tell you. Babies are just the best.

\\ My date for Halloween was unable to attend the festivities at the last minute, so our Grease costumes were scrapped (because what is a Sandy without her Danny Zuko?) & I made a makeshift Fashion Blogger Cinderella costume. It was pretty ridiculous...ly awesome. Apologies for the shoddy photos. Danny Zuko is also my photographer so...

// Then Halloween was over & the world (aka ME) rejoiced, for the holiday season is now upon us. I'm a firm believer in not overlooking Thanksgiving to get to Christmas, but it was pretty exhilarating to be in Target as they took down the orange/purple/black & replaced it with red/green & that one sad little row of orange things that are supposed to represent Thanksgiving. Our tree goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving, & I avoid the Christmas radio station until then. REGARDLESS OF THESE BELIEFS! My friend Emily (you know, the bff from IN that got married this summer?) cannot help herself but to jump right into the Christmas spirit on November 1st every year, & I got a text message bright and early the morning after Halloween saying, "Happy Christmastime starting day!" I responded with this:

\\ My next trick is to get rid of the head cold/sinus infection that I somehow picked up over my weekend in Richmond. I guess that was my karma for bringing my sickness there over my birthday weekend. Merp. I'm hoping to kick it QUICK because I have wreaths to make, menus to plan & trips to finalize. Constantly popping my ears & wanting nothing more than watching Frasier on Netflix with a glass of grapefruit juice nearby is just slightly counterproductive.

So, that's a little bit of where I've been. How's your November so far?

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