iphone does - birthday, brunch & burgers

*waves* Me again. With pictures from last weekend's fun with friends!
^^ Our Coulomb besties showed up to celebrate Andrew's birthday weekend. Jared had to work a bit on Sunday, so the three of us filled our time with a bottomless Mexican brunch on 14th St. It was somehow my first DC brunch, & mannnn, it did not disappoint. We missed Jared so, but now I have an excellent excuse to return.
^^ Super Bowl Sunday = The only Sunday Jared & I kick back with canned beer & watch football. It's becoming a tradition to spend it with the Coulombs, which works out REALLY well for us, since Amelia always makes her famous Buffalo Chicken Dip. (**side note: If you're wondering if all we do when we're with Amelia & Andrew is eat... Well, you're not wrong.)
^^ Birthday rice krispy! ^^
^^ The next morning, after we successfully started the Coulombs addiction to House of Cards (like all good friends would), we balanced out all the delicious food we consumed with a nice long walk to the National Portrait Gallery. 
^^ Snow, cold, rain... I can handle all of it. But wind? OMG I HATE WIND. It was truly in rare form when we came out of the museum. The kind of wind that leaves you feeling like you just got beat up. The. Worst. ^^
^^ But the promise of Shake Shack burgers & fries kept smiles on everyone's face ^^
^^ See? I'm smiling right now just at the memory. YUM. ^^
Always such good times with these wonderful friends.


  1. Looks like you all had a blast. So much fun! Also, I really need to make it out to the Portrait Gallery sometime...

  2. love every each of the photos.gathering with friends always seem to be the most fun activity to do.it's being long time since i seeing my friends.kind of miss them too

    xo joselovincolors

  3. Sounds like such a wonderful time!!! I hope you guys are staying warm up there :)


because lezz be frandz.