to whom it may concern:

To whatever weird allergy/sickness thing I have going on right now: get OUTTA here. Literally don't have time for this, & while having an excuse to stay in pajamas on the couch all week has been nice, I am a giant ball of low-energy thanks to you.

To the juice bar around the corner: we didn't know just how lucky we were when we picked our current apartment. your apple/lemon/ginger/tumeric concoction is saving my life today.

To Ingrid Michaelson: did it hurt when you fell from heaven? because you must be an angel. If Parachute was the only song I was allowed to listen to for the rest of my life, I would not be mad.

To the lady walking a 9 week old labradoodle outside my building: no, no. Thank YOU for letting him jump all over me. & you're welcome for not snatching him & running, because I know I'd be faster than you.

To my handsome Jared: Thank you for letting me hijack the macbook that you bought for yourself two years ago. It works out really well that you don't have time to be on the computer with your new job, but I still feel bad. You're the best. I'll repay you with kisses & three, yes THREE episodes of the West Wing tonight.

To the self-proclaimed "avocado expert" who helped me at the grocery store: I couldn't understand most of what you were saying, but any old little man who thumps avocados with two fingers & then holds it up to his ear has got my attention.

To my future dog: I don't know where you are in the world right now, but I hope you're preparing yourself for the most cuddles ever. I know I am.

To the paper towels I bought: Lucky for you, we actually were running low on paper towels................ But I really thought I had grabbed toilet paper. Cold medicine: 1 Kelsey: 0

To Parks & Rec: Why did you have to end? I've only just started Season 7 & I'm already dreading the series finale. *sniff* Andy & April 4ever.

To Netflix: Yes, I am still watching & will continue watching until spring has arrived. Please stop judging me & just start the next episode.

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  1. Totally with ya with this whole weird cold/allergy thing going on. It needs to go!


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