this month - march

MAKING - a month out of birthday festivities, celebrating my wonderful Jared
CRAVING - Twizzlers, because that's what happens when I give up sugar
PLAYING - lots of Jaymes Young & Broods
LISTENING TO - our neighbors through our kitchen walls #apartmentlife
READING - my own writing to proofread for errors more often than the two books I started this winter
WATCHING - House of Cards, Season 3 (which will last us a week) then resuming The West Wing, duh
WEARING - heels more often, in an attempt to elevate my appearance for the remainder of winter
LEARNING - the ins & outs of Squarespace, now that Tart's blog is up & running
GOING TO - Richmond & Roanoke for #girlboss shenanigans
WORKING ON - saying "yes", which is not always easy for the ambivert I've become in my old age
OBSESSED WITH - slouchy tees & boyjeans. Saving up all my pennies.
PLANNING - our 5 year anniversary trip... Suggestions, anyone?
EXCITED FOR - My best fraaand Emily & her hubby visit from Indiana next week!
HOPING - that this time change next weekend come swiftly & painlessly. I'm SO ready for the extra daylight!
STARTING - to venture out to coffee shops on my Tart work days to avoid the cabin fever I've been feeling
FINISHING - a doormat project, an intense 30 day detox & editing our Europe photos, you betcha

What are you up to this month?

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