the quest for lobster rolls

Jared & I imposed a rule when we moved here & fully understood just how many restaurants surrounded us. Realizing from experience just how easy it is to find a favorite place & turn it into a date night routine, we pledged not to eat at the same restaurant twice for the first two years we live here. The rule doesn't apply to fast food, because I can't even explain what would happen if we'd tried to only eat lunch at Shake Shack or Sweetgreen once.

IF we return to a restaurant, it can only be with newcomers. For exaaaample, if we find ourselves with out-of-town visitors or coworkers & in need of a place to eat, we can return to a restaurant we know to be delicious. It's turning out to be a pretty brilliant rule, actually, & I'd highly recommend it even if you've lived in the same city your whole life. Keep it fresh! *snaps/high kick*

Last week's culinary adventure landed us at Luke's Lobster in Penn Quarter, & it did not disappoint. I had sampled their lobster rolls at a bridal show late last year & have been raving about it to Jared ever since. Not the cheapest of lunches, unsurprisingly, but pretty affordable for the quality & experience. We were having a very pleasant conversation until we started eating, & then neither of us spoke until we were done. There are several places around the city that brag about their lobster rolls, & we've now only tried one... But, even though our rule allows us to start a search for THE BEST lobster roll, our lunch budget may not. Or maybe I'll just start selling off our valuables to fund my newfound lobster roll habit. Who knows! Life's a lobster, roll with it. (Sorryyyyy, I hadta.)

Tasty food & a handsome man to eat it with. It's a good life, guys.


  1. both of you are fashionista!! and cute together too..those lobster rolls seem very yummy, and now you're making me hungry.haha..

    xo joselovincolors

  2. um, YUM!!! i love me some good lobster rolls.
    also totally digging your whole outfit. you look amazing!


because lezz be frandz.