this month - april

MAKING - antihistamine cocktails, because allergies
CRAVING - a first trip to the beach, which is usually in April
PLAYING - the curly-or-straight game with my hair as the humidity begins to move in
LISTENING TO - podcasts, morning & evening & drives to Richmond-ing
READING - the Skimm every morning & feeling oh so informed!
WATCHING - way too much of The X-Files, to be completely honest
WEARING - a lighter coat, hallelujah
LEARNING - how to pack for 2-5 day trips real well
GOING TO - TWO Cardinals games at the Nats stadium! AHHH!
WORKING ON - weeding the winter clothes out of our closet, little by little
OBSESSED WITH - La Croix and peanut butter toast
PLANNING - itineraries for a few different visitors, from friends to grandparents
EXCITED FOR - Into the Woods & finalllly watching it
HOPING - to win back our back patio from the birds that have taken over it this winter
STARTING - to spend more time on Pinterest, but only because of Tart
FINISHING - a long hunt for a coffee table, hopefully

What are you up to this month?

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