emily & trent go to washington

Our friends Emily & Trent were in town last weekend, & I got to tagalong with them on Sunday. There's always more sights to see than Jared & I can cram into a day off, so having visitors with a planned agenda was a real treat.
Always stunned by the history you can encounter in this city after stepping out of a metro station.
Middle of the intersection selfie
We were like kids in a candy shop at the Air & Space Museum
Completely oblivious, we popped out of the National Archives 1 minute before the St. Patrick's Day Parade started & happened to be on the corner of the very start of it. Serendipity!
Me & my sisters had a mild obsession with Michael Flatley's The Lord of the Dance when we were kids, & I still get a little bit excited when I see Irish step dancers. In fact, this video made me cry tears of happiness. 
Hi friiiiiiends!
One of my favorite constants in life is receiving a phone call from Emily with her newest plan for getting us into the same city for a few days. Once upon a time, we lived next door to each other in an idyllic suburban neighborhood in Indiana, with a shared backyard & a golden retriever apiece, spending our days riding bikes & dreaming on a swing set. We spent every day together up until the day that my family moved back to Virginia.

12 years later, we've managed to see each other at least once a year nearly every year, which is quite the accomplishment. We've added husbands to the equation, & now we spend our visits in our big kid apartments, dreaming of the day that our annual trips are a shared beach house while the kids entertain each other. So grateful for their friendship. Come back soon, Em & Trent!

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