Well, hello.

Just another "checking in" post as yet another month has nearly come & gone with me making all of two grand appearances on my own blog.

  • I'm sitting in the coffee shop down the street currently because our building's water has been shut off for the second time this week, in an effort for plumbers to correct the issues that our fellow tenants have quite literally flushed down the toilet. Cue questioning apartment living that inevitably leads to adding up how much money we're wasting on rent & the panic attack that ensues.
  • But the great news is that I really love the coffee shop down the street.
  • Our balcony got a surprise facelift last week & it has inspired us to invest a little more in that space. You know, since our apartment is teeny & we'll take all the extra living space we can get. 
  • Important to note that we have officially decided to stick it out in this apartment for one more year - A surprising twist beings that I had an active countdown to August 2015 when we first moved in. We've worked hard to make that little place home, & also have high hopes of being able to afford a better place in August 2016... Something we can't quite work into the budget right now. If we moved this year, we'd be sacrificing location (location location) for a little less rent & more than likely, even less space. To which we say, "Thanks but no thanks."
  • I'm very happy to report that spring in DC has indeed restored my soul, as predicted here. We have fallen deeper & deeper in love with this city as the weather has grown warmer.
  • Things with Tart have remained BUSY. Hence my lack of social presence on the interwebz. Things slow down just a little bit over the summer, & I have a really exciting to-do list that consists of items like: Organize emails, file receipts, track mileage.
  • Jared was sent to Toronto for work, where he fell a little bit in love with Canadians & brought me back ROSE FLAVORED GIN & a Roots sweatshirt. I'm pretty sure this is some form of pacification since I haven't been able to tag along on any of his work adventures, but as long as there's rose flavored anything involved, I'm happy.
  • OH! & I cut my hair!
If I have anything else to say, it didn't fly from my fingertips fast enough, as I must depart for el part-time job-oh. Womp. #chaptersoflife

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