this month - may

MAKING - more frequent trips to the weekly farmer's market
CRAVING - a day slathered in sunscreen, on the water somewhere
PLAYING - house, as the spring rearranging bug has bit
LISTENING TO - the new Alabama Shakes album, forever and ever amen
READING - reviews on outdoor partitions, in our continued attempt to home-ify our giant balcony
WATCHING - puppy videos on youtube, pretty much every day at this point
WEARING - dresses! & sandals that show my toes!
LEARNING - that you don't walk to work in the same outfit you're going to wear to work when it's over 70 degrees outside
GOING TO - Richmond via train more often & learning to love it. Learning.
WORKING ON - a non-wedding event for the first time & maybe having too much fun with it
OBSESSED WITH - Shiner's Ruby Redbird being back in the grocery store for the warm weather
PLANNING - for the summer months, already
EXCITED FOR - a haircut! 
HOPING - my baby cilantro plant survives
STARTING - to see more sunsets, even on the days I work at my part time job, as the days get longer
FINISHING - off old candles to make way for a new army of Anthro candles

What are you up to this month?

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