this month - august

MAKING - Facetime calls with my 2 yr old niece like it's my job.
CRAVING - peaches. all the time.
PLAYING - a game called rearranging-the-whole-apartment-get-excited-jared
LISTENING TO - the Apple music playlists with current music, in an attempt to stay relevant. *sigh*
READING - The Nightingale
WEARING - as much of Madewell's new Fall collection as possible, & yes, that includes overalls.
LEARNING - to use this daily planner that I fully expect to change my life
GOING TO - the beach with our Coulomb besties later in the month!
WORKING ON - portion control *insert sideeye emoji*
OBSESSED WITH - this eyebrow mascara
PLANNING - in advance for allll the work travel weekends this fall. Like, 5 in a row.
EXCITED FOR - even the slightest of breeze's now that we've survived July's humidity.
HOPING - my new philosophy on my relationship with food sticks.
STARTING - to get the hang of Snapchat... I think. (follow me! kelseybethune)
FINISHING - Criminal Minds. Because I'm the picture in the dictionary when you look up "binge-watching."

What are you up to this month?

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