& then it was September.

Ugh, sooooooooooo many things are happening. Wedding season is about to pick up, Tart is doing ALL the things (& killin' it, might I add), I'm traveling all over Virginia constantly, Jared's being sent all over North America for work, my part time job is as busy as ever, my younger sister is getting married (!!!), & I leave for NYFW on Sunday.

We're just slightly busy these days. To put it in perspective, I still haven't finished editing photos from our trip to Europe TEN MONTHS AGO. Not okay!

I'm trying to recalibrate this blog. Something isn't working. Part of it is that I've always required a creative outlet since college to act as retreat from school then day job then starting-a-small-business. This creative void is now filled by Tart. Beyond filled. Tart causes my creativity cup to overfloweth! & truthfully, I don't even have the time to put my all into Tart, leaving this little blog behind... somewhere... back there... in the dust.

But I'm somehow still unwilling to wave the white flag.

So, I'm going to go to NYC for fashion week & meet blogger friends that I've dreamed about meeting for years, & see all the pretty clothes, & hopefully find some inspiration. I'm done making promises, because this is my corner of the internet, & I make the rules. #girlboss


  1. you're going to NYFW!?!?!? So excited for you!!!! Can't wait for alllll the pics on Insta.

  2. First LC and now NYFW.... Can you see how green I am from Logan's Circle? lol work it girl!


because lezz be frandz.