a very bethune christmas mix | 2015

It took about an hour of enduring Spotify's ads the day after Thanksgiving before I got on my phone & paid, once again, for a month of their premium access. HERE, CHRISTMAS, JUST TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY. (Helpful hint: If you've never tried their Premium accounts, you can get three months for $.99 by clicking here. I'm not being paid to tell you that, I'm just a very seriously helpful person.)

ANYWHO. The Bethune Christmas Playlist of 2015 has arrived in all of its glory & GUYS. It's a good one. 2 hours & 35 minutes of a good one, in fact. Hopefully there's still some good songs left for next year, ha! Keep an ear out for some undercover Nickel Creek, a healthy amount of Pentatonix & NSYNC, & a sneak attack Ying Yang Twins that we deliberated very hard over before deciding that yes, it should make it through to the final round. (If Simon Cowell Complex is a thing, Jared & Kelsey Bethune have it once a year in December, for sure.) 

In other news, our Christmas tree is located no more that 4 in. from my desk & I could only be happier if we finally had a dog in our apartment this year. Baby steps. But also, get back to me when there's actually a dog in our apartment & literally no room to move.


because lezz be frandz.