a very bethune christmas mix | 2013

This past week involved a lot of meetings & editing & Christmas card creating & Jared working, so I was depending pretty heavily on Christmas music to put me in the holiday spirit until we were able to get our tree & decorations up. In a moment of procrastination, or maybe just needing a break in concentration?, I spent waaaaaay too long on iTunes & Spotify, following indie(ish) Christmas music rabbit trails, & we've been enjoying the resulting playlist all weekend. To disclaimer, this is indie(ish) because what is a Christmas playlist without some Mariah, Beyonce & NSYNC? Also to disclaimer, some of our favorite Christmas songs are not included because Spotify is kinda dumb & didn't have them all. Enjoy!

It's true December day here in Norfolk, where the temperature is right at cold-but-not-freezing, so that the pouring rain is icy-but-not-snow. Sounds like cuddles & hot chocolate to meeeee...

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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