a merry little christmas

It was a fun little Christmas Eve & Christmas morning, spent with my family & grandparents. Between teaching my mom the ways of the iPad, my mimosa bar that may be a Christmas requirement from now on & my niece experiencing opening presents for the first time, there's was a lot of laughing & good times. It's really quite pleasant to see kids added back in to our holiday celebrations with our families now that both of our youngest sisters aren't really babies anymore (as much as we like to pretend they are... & as much as my parents' golden doodle likes to believe that she's the forever-baby). We're definitely niece & nephew fans.

We've spent that past couple of days squeezing in time with our Coulomb besties & celebrating family birthdays (there's four post-Christmas birthdays between both of our families). Today's agenda includes popping down to NC with some of Jared's family for the New Year's celebration, which I should actually be packing for right now. I can't even believe that it's New Year's Eve! (& that once again, I've somehow managed to not finish my year in review post before the year ended but oh wellz.) Can I just say that I am thrilled to say goodbye to 2013 with salute & a kick out the door? I'm so very ready for a new year. Have a wonderful & safe New Year's Eve! See ya in 2014!

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