the hustle & bustle

This picture was a front-facing-camera commemoration of my successful 4 mile shopping trip through the city yesterday, in which I managed to not smear red lipstick all over my face... It, of course, was terrible quality, & so I moved on to bigger & better selfie taking techniques, but this one still cracked me up. My mitten totally photobombed my selfie. TOUCHÈ, MITTEN.

I'm really not a shopper, so much as I am a buyer. I like to wait until I can't stop thinking about one item (last week, for instance, it was new leggings) & then just buzz in & out of the store that I have researched online, checked their in-store inventory (online) & then make my purchase hopefully within 15 minutes flat. I'll look, sure. But browsing usually just makes me grumpy & guys... These holiday crowds. They almost ruined Christmas for me last year. In a horrible lapse in judgement, I found myself in the mall on December 22nd, searching for a last minute add-on gift, & by the end of the trip, I was like... sweaty & stomping & I would almost bet you money that I growled at least once. It was terrible. & I need to stop because I sound like such a bratty first-worlder, complaining about the crowds while I spend money on presents. *gulp*

In other news, still no snow. This is a joke, because of course there's no snow. I saw a graph the other day showing that only 5% of of the Christmas Days in Hampton Roads have had snow since 1890. EIGHTEEN NINETY. Obviously, we live in the wrong state. That's all there is to it. Snowwww for daaaaays, please.

Just a reminder that you made it to Wednesday! Christmas week is almost here! (HOW??)

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  1. Love your sweet blog! What kind of lipstick are you wearing? It's divine!


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