the things we do for Christmas

These cards were too much work to not share more pictures of them. Sorry/not sorry? Since I failed in my quest to add a puppy to this year's card, we figured we'd add a little extra love to this year's Christmas greeting. Unfortunately, I'm about to spill all the behind-the-scenes guts that may take away some of the magic. Or add to it... I suppose that depends on the type of person you are.

Things About Our Christmas Cards That Are Going To Make You Think I'm A Crazy Person:
- 28 websites visited before settling on an envelope/liner combination
- 500 pieces of confetti cut while Holiday Inn played in the background
- 1 closed bridge causing traffic, setting us back nearly an hour on the trip to my parents house to use their patio for a photo backdrop
- 15 minutes of sunlight left to take our pictures before the sun completely set
- 2 sisters + 1 sister's boyfriend needed for picture taking & backdrop holding
- 30 minutes of confetti clean-up
- 2 trips to Michael's for necessary crafting supplies
- 56 tries at writing "Wishing you a very" on my wacom tablet before I could bring myself to hit print
- 5 pieces of a cut eraser used for gold confetti embossing
- 3 different greens used to create the perfect hunter green watercolor for the envelopes
- 6 envelopes wadded up on the floor due to various mistakes
- 42 collective minutes of held-breath as I proofread the names & addresses
- 9 practiced J's before Jared was finally satisfied with his signature & ready to start signing
- 4 holiday stamp options that I just couldn't bring myself to buy before settling on floral stamps
- 7 people who have actually confirmed that their cards made it to them, so that's good!

Honestly? YES. So much work. But really, truly worth it. Really! It was! 

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