'tis the weekend before Christmas

& we're going on a mini weekend getaway! I was informed last night that Jared had made some magic happen & we are taking a little overnight trip to Raleigh. I have never been, but I hear great things about the place & people, & the best part is that we get to see his brother perform in The Nutcracker... Something we have wanted to do since, ohhhh, we started dating? but have never been able to make it happen.

I am blissfully ignoring the presents that need to be wrapped & the rest of the house that needs to be cleaned (which, let's be honest, would probably look a lot more like me looking up holiday nail art & attempting to paint snow flakes on my fingernails while waiting for the muddy buddies that I really shouldn't eat to set properly before I inhale them) to soak up some time away with my favorite man. Today marks four years since the night Jared proposed, which was on a different  weekend getaway up to DC, so this all seems very fitting. Although, I do think that engagement trip made us swear off trips the weekend before Christmas because traffic was so horrible but HEY! It's important to keep refreshing life lessons, right?

May this weekend not find you in any malls & bring you aaaaaaall the Christmas cookies.

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