this month - january

EATING - less sweets, because my face is picketing (ha) against December's delicious shenanigans.
DRINKING - coconut water... because face picketing ^^
PRACTICING - waking up earlier.
MASTERING - meal planning.
LEARNING - how to be more structured & intentional with my time.
PLAYING - French pop, unapologetically.
FINISHING - un-Christmasifying our apartment.
READING - up on writing a business plan & ughhhhh.
WATCHING - The Office if I'm by myself, Frasier if Jared is home.
WALKING - more often, even if it's freezing.
WEARING - button downs, toms & messy buns as this month's uniform.
COOKING - ambitiously. I'm currently on a chinese recipe spree.
WORKING - on my January bride's wedding prep.
TRAVELING - perhaps to Richmond, but mostly ready for a month of calm at home.
WANTING - snow. Now that Christmas is over, it's either snow or spring, please & thanks.

[I saw this list once on the bleubird blog, & I really loved the idea of defining some of the month ahead of me. What better time to start a new series or three on the blog than the beginning of a new year, right? Now I just have to think really happy, twelve-month long thoughts.]

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  1. I LOVE currently posts!
    Hmm, maybe I should do them more often.
    And you should totes come to Richmond! :)


because lezz be frandz.