things heard around the Bethune apartment

"Oh, you're way better than Netflix." - Every day validation

"New rule: I need to at least see the Vine once before you post it." - Too many golden moment opportunities catching up to me

"I imagine that the noise our printer makes translates to 'Do your thang, do your thang, do your thang,' is that weird?" - Proof I've been working from home for awhile now

"This recipe says that making extra bacon to stir into the soup is optional. *simultaneous laughter*" - The making of Wednesday night's baked potato soup

"If I haven't called you by 4, call the police because this guy was totally creeper status." - Jared making a Craigslist pick up for work

"I hope you realize I'm moving into my parents' during the Olympics." - My Olympic obsession coping with our lack of regular TV channels

"Whoa. Commercials. Weird." - Realization made after Jared pulled out the ol' rabbit ears to make my (realistic) Olympic dreams come true

(This entry brought to you by us trying to keep ourselves busy as we wait for the Sherlock season premiere. Not even slightly embarrassed at how much I'm nerding out. I have a feeling Jared, while entertained by the show, is mostly in it for the British style-watching.)


  1. Sherlock was online after the BBC premiere

  2. Well thank you for the helpful tip, Anonymous! But not on any websites I was comfortable with. Trust me, I looked. I'm fine watching it on PBS, so it works out.


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