wearing - 2/50

hat - j. crew // sweater - old navy // shirt - pac sun // pants - h&m // booties - tj maxx // bag - francesca's

I AM IN LOVE WITH A HAT.  I may wear it forever. Which is problematic because people will definitely notice if I'm wearing a baseball hat every day. Especially at my new job, whatwhat! Mission: Find A Part Time Job Till You're Making The Big Bucks was a success. Even better is that this job is across the street from my favorite local coffee joint, & in a close second is the coffee shop across the street from our apartment soooo... Basically, my day has caffeinated bookends. Cannot complain. The Lord doth provideth.

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  1. Love this outfit! I've been wondering how to make hats like this look more feminine and you have certainly mastered the art.
    I've just discovered your blog and have spent the last hour scrolling back through - you write wonderfully and your photographs are so beautiful! You guys seem like a lot of fun! Hope you're having a great week! (and sorry for the really long comment!) X


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