four good things

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HOMEMADE SCRUBS - Can't get enough of them. So far, this face scrub (that my sister-in-law recommended - Thanks Alex!), this lip scrub, & this foot scrub are getting me through this cold month. 
BIRTHDAY CAKE - I can't stop pinning cakes. Which is fine, because we have lots of winter babies between our two families, including Jared. 
SNOW - Our little city got it's annual 4 hours of snowfall two nights ago, & waiting for the ice to melt on the roads has been every bit of cozy that I hoped it would be. 
COPPER - Copper everything. Rose gold everything. Jared & I frequently make plans for our dream home, & so far, the pots & pans are definitely copper. All we have to do now is become millionaires. Easy.

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