wearing - 1/50

Alright, so since it's obvious I will never be able to post multiple style posts in one week, I'm giving myself the goal of sharing what I'm wearing once a week. Sort of like the cute mom bloggers who do a photo a week of their children, except I have boots instead of babies. I guess I'm technically two weeks behind this year (SHOCKING) so that brings us to 50 outfits in 2014. Hopefully. 

The thing about style posts is staring at my own face/body for a seemingly endless amount of editing time & realizing how much I hate those jeans & yowza I need a hair appointment. It's great fun. Really. But on a serious note, any recommendations on jeans for a lady with a wider derriere & smaller waist/hips? I've shopped at American Eagle forever because they seem to be all that fits without the huge waist gap in the back, but I'm ready to branch out. I'd be ever so grateful.

 If you're new to the tree, you can read here about some of my personal style background (where I also laugh at committing to weekly style posts, by the way), here for style & Sunday Best posts of yore, & here for that hottie husband of mine's Tumblr. Don't let my irregular posting habits & disparaging remarks about myself fool you. These posts are my favorite to share, & I'm excited to have a reason to be more committed to them. Challenge accepted!


  1. I have close to the same body shape as you and I really like forever 21 jeans!

    1. Helpful to know! I haven't ever tried their jeans, probably because the dressing rooms in the one nearest us are always PACKED... But I'll check it out! Thanks for the tip, lady!

    2. Also, embarrassing ^^ c'est moi!

  2. I always have back gap problems too. I've had luck recently with gap jeans, curvy style I think they call them.


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