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 tank - gap // skirt - thrifted // belt - f21 // sandals - h&m (similar)

For the past year or so, we've been sharing our style in the form of Sunday Best posts since we tend to get a little gussied up for church. According to the poll you all so wonderfully participated in, you like the style posts, which was second only to "every day photos." While sharing style is kinda uhhhh... Pretentious? Egotistical? ... I get it. To me, sharing every day fashion is one of the best uses of blogging. Finding a style blogger who has similar taste, budget & lifestyle is a little bit like discovering gold, or remembering that you have a Starbucks giftcard when you're already standing in line.

I am hereby committing to style blogging (although I will not commit to once a week because ha!), & I think these are some fun facts to know if you want to follow along:
  • Our clothing budget is super limited at this point in our lives. He's a student & I'm self-employed, & we're just fine with that.
  • THUS! A lot of my clothes are a couple seasons old, thrifted or from the clearance rack of your favorite stores. 
  • I peruse my favorite blogs (like The Daybook & Kendi Everyday) & websites (like Madewell & J. Crew) for inspiration & then go to the stores I can afford to make it work. You'll see a lot of H&M, Old Navy, Forever21, TJ Maxx, & the occasional American Eagle & Urban Outfitters.
  • Also, you're going to see a lot of crossover. Like, I wore this belt in the last style post.
  • My style is somewhere between classic, vintage, & preppy. Helpful, right?
  • I know there's a lot of expensive wonderfulness out there, but all I really want to be able to afford is J. Crew.
  • Dream designer of choice - Kate Spade
  • I've complained about my derriere & tree trunk legs before, & these are the features that determine most of what I wear. So, fat-bottomed-girls, this is the blog for you!
If you're thinking, "But what about JARED??!!" then you're in luck. Jared, in all of his gentlemanly glory, can be found over at The Beau Tie, his very own style blog. He's a lot better at this style thing than I am, so hopefully you (or your hubby or your boo or your future boo) will pop in over there!

All of that being said, I'm going back to watching The Mask of Zorro with that poor husband of mine, who picked up a cold on Day 1 of a very rare 48 hours off from work. We all know that soup from Panera & some Antonio Banderas are the cure for the common cold, amiright?

Happy September!

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  1. Love your blog!! :) this outfit is so cute and you're so pretty!


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