always thursday

Ya'll. It's been a weird week. One of those weeks that I've just gotten too heady which makes me restless which makes me cranky which makes me sad which makes me A REAL PLEASURE TO BE AROUND. One of those weeks that I should definitely have steered clear of Target because the minute forlorn Kelsey walks through the door, the solution appears in the form of aaaall the nailpolishes. This is not an actual solution, for those of you who are taking notes. This is, in fact, a mirage. A fleeting moment of consolation, but a very pretty shade of wine red that I can't wait to try out...

It just seems like it's always Thursday, but I'm mentally still back on Monday wondering where the week went. Like I said, I've gotten too heady this week & instead of a chirpy post about the rest of last weekend's fun with friends, I'm sitting down to publicly declare that I need to notice the blessings. Find the happy. Help someone else. Stop worrying about tomorrow (including the next 5 years of tomorrows) & be present in the joy that surrounds me - Whether that is taking 24 minutes in the beer aisle with Jared weighing the pros & cons of every fall beer sampler ever, perfecting the Tangled duet any time we're in the car together, nerding out over iOS 7 updates or measuring happiness in new nail colors.

... Or by simply letting Jared snore his little heart out next to me instead of waking him up because omgsnoringgggg. This wonderful (snoring) man woke up at 5:30 a.m. & worked so hard for us all day. For our home. For me. & that's a blessing. (Yes, you're right, I could move to another room. But I consider him sleeping & me blogging to still somehow be "us" time, which is a unicorn at this phase in our lives.) (& yes, life-unicorns are a real thing. They are rare creatures of rainbowy sunshine, like getting a good burrito maker at Chipotle that piles on the corn-salsa before you even have to ask.)

So, this is just real life talk, here at the sitting tree. It's not always sunshine, but we are definitely always finding glory in the thunder.

I feel like last weekend's puppies & babies are going to end this on a higher note than snoring & life-unicorns, & that's exactly what I'm going to leave you with.

^^My cute human niece named Cat & my cute puppy niece named Maisie.^^

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