DIY - gold bootie zippers


While I love shoes... & I mean, I LOVE SHOES... My tendency to overthink purchases (a trait that my parents & now husband seem to enjoy about me) usually keeps me from actually indulging in purchasing whatever wonderful pair of chaussures is in front of me. Thankfully, I had done just this as I oggled pair after pair of the leather & suede booties that have been on parade since last fall.

My IG friend Bridget sent me into a tizzy when she set off the bootie-knock-off alert last week, & I promptly marched myself over to TJ Maxx & bought a pair of these puppies for 30% of the designer price. The tan suede version that Bridget bought is darn near identical to the original Sam Edelmans. My local TJ Maxx was out of tan in my size, but I found a black pair that made me just as happy.

I probably would have left these zippers be if the heel was wooden, like the originals, but alas! I decided to update them from silver to gold, a move that would have shocked & dismayed 2009 Kelsey who was sure that gold had been dead & buried in the early 90's.

As I was taking these pictures, I realized how silly this "DIY" is, mostly because it's not like the originals feature a gold zipper. BUT OH WELL! I think it's a nice finishing touch, & I can't wait until I'm emotionally ready to embrace fall in all of its bootie-licious glory so I can take these things around town.

I started a juice cleanse today, & I'm going to try my hardest not to talk about it nonstop. I'm using this blog post (burrito) to try to keep my (cheese) mind off of all the things that (iced coffee) I would typically not think twice about (pasta) except that I can't eat them, so (avocado) that's all I can think about, of course. Send good vibes, because dandelion greens are a primary ingredient to my next meal. MMMMMMMMMMMMM...

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