the color run! - year two

Amelia & I enjoyed ourselves SO MUCH at last year's Color Run that the boys were signed up to join us this year. Again, lots of skipping, high-fiving & "Oh man, let's walk for a bit" took place, but this year we knew to keep our mouths closed while going through color stations & to save a splash at the water station for spritzing on ourselves to maximize colorization. IT WORKED, as I learned while doing laundry today when the color didn't wash out 100% like it did last year. Hmm. & after three showers, I still have trace amounts of purple & teal running through my hair, but I don't mind that one bit. In fact, it's giving me ideas.

If none of this makes any sense to you, I'd highly recommend checking out The Color Run's website & signing up for the run nearest you. I'm not even being paid to say that (sadly). It just really is the happiest 5k on the planet.

& now, I leave you with, what I believe to be, the funniest instavid on the planet. Thanks for this gorgeous piece of cinematography, Amelia!


  1. Love this so much! My husband and I are doing the run or dye next month! :) love the video! Haha

    1. You are going to have so much fun! There is just joy in the air. Can't wait to see pictures from your color fun!!!


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