color run!

Amelia & I decided waaay earlier this year that running a 5k seemed like a really good goal to achieve, & that a 5k involving being pelted with colors seemed like the way to go. Amelia has long claimed rainbow as her favorite color, & I have long claimed running as the bane of my existence, so the obvious choice was skipping our way through a run that didn't involved being timed or you know, like, training & stuff. but we did it! we walked a little but we did it! & it was just happy & carefree & we high-fived people we didn't know A LOT. the color mosh pit at the end was definitely magical, although this is coming from someone who was smiling/laughing her way through every color station & ended up with brown teeth by the end of the race. This is the same runner who was coughing/sneezing/q-tipping color out of various orifices for the next 6 hours. Which is the same girl whose armpits & kneepits were stained navy blue for 48 hours. ... Who is the same blonde that rocked green, algae-like tips in her hair for the rest of the week. Totally. Worth. It.

& of course, where would we be without our biggest fans, who found us at the finish line sporting their Color Runner sweatbands, with added "Husband of A" flair. Husbands are cute. & please don't let it be lost on you that my race number ended in 143. Obviously a sign that I was the most in-love runner out there.


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  1. Love this post so much. And missing that weekend even more!


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