sweet things

1. chocolate chip banana bread for breakfast
2. kissing!
3. finding the perfect chord
4. seeing the "fall" issues hit the stands
5. a big enough parking spot right in front of our building that I can simply pull into
6. dreaming of trips to faraway lands
7. cobblestones
8. seeing friends in love
9. the smell of a freshly squeezed lime
10. jared's hair being long enough to twirl & twirl & twirl with my fingers

it's nice to know that I could go on & on with the sweet things I'm blessed with. especially when my day was clouded by a little bit of self-doubt. isn't that a funny thing?


  1. Hey Kelsey girl. Just reading your blog hx to catch up. Almost hate to do it because it makes me miss you guys even more! Hubby is still as dashing as ever and you're still one cutie patootie too! XXXOOOXXX Deb
    Here's a movie stumper "How about a nice game of chess? I'm sure your cuz knows this one.....

    1. We miss you guys, too! You're going to have to come see our new place at some point, you know... & what is, WarGames? I only know because Jared made me watch it a few years ago ;)


because lezz be frandz.