on morning light

I'm not a morning person. there are three sisters, two parents, 4 college roommates, & a husband that will back me up on it. don't talk to me until my contacts are on my eyeballs & my teeth have been brushed, & please keep your comments short & pertinent until I've eaten something.

but man! do our new streams of morning light make it hard to be grumpy! every room has some corner being flooded with white morning rays of sun that feel like they should be accompanied by squirrels waving & birds winking at me from the window. & if there were squirrels & birds, I'd probably wave back without thinking twice. because there's just something a little spectacular about 6:45 a.m., if you can get past the nagging sensation that being in bed > being awake.

my childhood best friend's mom used to wake us up every sleepover morning (in which we'd been asleep for maybe three hours) with, "Good morning, glory, what's your story?" sometimes I still hear that in my head when I'm stumbling around the kitchen looking for a spoon. there usually is a story, whether it's about last night's event at work or yet another crazy dream. (I have lots.) I've pocketed that saying for when I'm waking my kids up. I just think it will be sweet to let them share their sleepy adventures before the adventure disappears from memory forever.

I have high hopes for becoming a morning person someday. whenever someone mentions their morning quiet time with scripture, tea & the sunrise, I get misty-eyed because that sounds oh-so-pleasant & I WANT THAT!!! then I wonder for a brief second if that person is a robot or maybe they're just lying... then I go back to believing them & dreaming of early Somedays spent alone with just me (& maybe a baby) & the quiet morning. 

for now, I'll just take the morning light.


  1. I almost forgot about that saying. I can't say I ever liked it or that I'll ever say it to my kids :)
    I miss those sleepovers though.


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