sunday best-ish

I HAVE BOOTS ON. ihavebootsonihavebootsonihavebootson. !!! I, along with the rest of southern Virginia, have been obsessed with the weather around here recently. You don't understand - We don't really usually get more than two weeks of "fall", & when we do? It's in November. We're usually battling hurricanes or humid, sticky heat this time of year.

The weekend is finally upon us, since Mondays are our glorious day-off, & my big plans are to color coordinate our bookshelves & book our anniversary trip. But tonight? Tonight, Jared's cooking up his out-of-this-world honey glazed brussels sprouts, it's my turn to pick out a movie, & we're going to just hold still. & it's going to be great.

& no, I didn't wear this to church. I wore this after work. so there.

shirt: pac sun | shorts: h&m | boots: payless, whaaat | bubble necklace: southern jewelry auctions (check them out on facebook!)

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