the rest of richmond

how to break in a new house: let friends invade for 2 days pretty much IMMEDIATELY following purchase of new home, under the pretenses that there's a 5k to be run, but really... it's an excuse to party. have friends explore city surrounding new home to (once again) give their stamp of approval that your city is, in fact, wonderful. make really good food that makes the new house smell all sorts of delicious, but also go out to a fancy shmancy restaurant & drink celebratory/way too expensive drinks (toast to friendship & home-owning & caramel + lava salt gelato). break in front yard tree with impromptu bestie-photo sesh. imagine having future children recreate photos in front yard tree. (not pictured: stomp around house singing & banging on walls just to feel better about not having upstairs or downstairs neighbors to worry about.) finish with a super precious photo shoot with spouse to commemorate homeownership. decide that new house probably isn't completely broken in yet, & begin planning the next friend invasion.

sweet, sweet times in richmond.
we are so happy for our kindred spirits & their new adventure.


  1. SO CUTE. Dying a little more every time I see a new post from you.

  2. Love you guys. Couldn't have ask for a better couple to come help us break in our new house. Thanks. It's all seasoned and comfy now :)


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