fake curls

I wrote a song in high school with words something like, "sitting in your parents' car//my fake curls & your fake words"... you know, something super dramatic like that. I don't remember the tune or the rest of the lyrics (thank God), but sometimes when I'm curling my hair, I get that line stuck in my head. oh, emo Kelsey.

but about the curls - they're half fake. I'm on a no-brushing-or-really-washing-now-that-I-think-about-it kick with my hair, & I've been using this sucker to help define some of the pieces that only want to dread instead of curl. I don't really know what brought this hair-decision on, but it happens at least once a year. it harkens back to my freshman year of college when I switched my major to English & decided to live in silk skirts, while I wrote poems about living in a forest with Jared & our 32 children. yup, that happened. 

in case you're looking for a sunday best post, I don't have one (again). LAAAAME, I know. but our work schedules have been nearly opposite for the past two weeks, & we've both found ourselves working on Sundays an awful lot. but the good news is that moving expenses have sort of evened out finally, which made room in the Fill Kelsey's Closet with Fall Goodness! budget. the better news is that polka dots could not be more on trend right now, & I nearly passed out from polka dot induced happiness when I walked into Forever 21 last week. polka dots are just... joy. sweet joy to my soul. 

I'm running a 5k on Saturday. I just unpacked my running shoes last night. I leave you with that thought & images in your head of what that may end up looking like.

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