style // 02

glasses - warby parker // blazer - target // dress - banana republic (easter dress from 2012)
 bag, watch - francesca's  // bracelet - charlotte russe // heels - h&m

Fall has... fallen (?) here in sweet old Norfolk, Virginia. The past two mornings have been overcast, the afternoons are crisp, & right on cue, my throat is getting a little sore. I hear that pumpkin chai lattes fix sore throats, though, so I'm not concerned ;)

My rings are all sorts of wonky in that last photo because that's not my engagement ring, ha. We had a surprise opportunity to go paddleboarding with some of Jared's co-workers yesterday (which was SUPER fun but also omg my arms) & if you know me, you know that my engagement ring does not go to the beach. It usually doesn't work events with me, & it definitely doesn't hang out when I'm painting or staining. It's funny, because I know a lot of girls that don't take their engagement ring off for NUTHIN'... & some that won't sleep with it on or wear it in the shower. To each lady their own, right? I have a couple of "substitute" rings that help get the yes-I'm-definitely-married-kbye point across, one of which is a turquoise ring (half pictured above) from Jared's abuela. It doesn't really fit, but it sure is pretty. I'm really terrible at remembering to swap my rings back until I've gone out the next day & get annoyed by my faux ring not fitting.

I'm off to try to finish this Monday off with a serious bout of productivity. My sister-in-law spent her Monday morning giving birth to 9 whole lbs. of an adorable baby boy (CONGRATS, HEATHER & LEVI!), so no matter what I do, I cannot top that. We have so many kiddos in our family now! It's a fun thing to watch our siblings' grow their little families, & with each new little niece or nephew, we get more pumped to join them in the family growing someday. But for now! We have a lone succulent that we usually forget to water & a super high maintenance flokati rug, so that's basically a baby. Or something.

Here's to the first week of fall, wonderful fall!


  1. Well gosh, aren't you just a lovely one. I am doing such a poor job of keeping my succulent watered + nurtured, yet somehow it continues to grow! Totally know what you mean.

    1. YOU are lovely. & some day, we'll conquer this succulent mothering ;) I like to pretend it's a sunlight issue in our apartment buuuut... xo


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