iphone does - last weekend

We've been up to our ears in paint & stain this week (literally, in my case) as we try to finish our new home office, & while it is OH SO CLOSE to being done... It isn't. Yet. But soon! In the meantime...We had such a great weekend that I forgot to bring our fancy camera anywhere we went - Which is refreshing from time to time. So, you get pictures from our iphones.

We spent a rainy Friday night at a block party put on by our fair city, & enjoyed a sweet walk home in the rain. We have a sort of bizarre obsession with the rain, so being stuck under a one-person umbrella was a perfect date. Saturday, I helped run an 80's concert at my former job (where I've been spending lots of my time as a contractor recently... long story...) & Jared was able to join me there, which hasn't happened in forever. Sunday, we had the pleasure of driving up to Yorktown to attend a high school friend's wedding. I had never been to the venue, which was actually delightful, & combined with this glorious mid-70's weather we've been given this August, it was the perfect ending to a sweet weekend at my lover's side.

It's Wednesday! & almost a holiday weekend! Chins up, everyone!

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