the quest for new music

This past winter, I found myself googling "Christian artists that sound like Sufjan Stevens" with somewhat pathetic results. Jared & I began a quest to find quality, faith-led musicians creating the type of music we like - Mostly folk/gospel/bluegrass & some alternative/electronic. We KNEW these artists were out there, but we had somehow missed the memo. Armed with Spotify, the internetz & recommendations from friends, our collection of new music started coming together. Some of the artists we've listed are not exclusively "Christian" artists, but they've recorded a hymn here & there so they made the cut. We love us a good hymn or old southern gospel song.

We're sharing these in case there's anyone who is in the same boat we were, but I realize that some of you may have been listening to these musicians for years & years. Let us know who we're missing! This list is definitely not comprehensive, & we may have already started compiling Part II...



  1. Definitely loving this compilation! I'm excited to check some of these artists out. I would recommend listening to Citizens. Their song "Made Alive" is one of my favourites. They are actually out of the same church as Kings Kaleidoscope. :)

  2. thank you so much. i just went on the same quest last week and found some of the same artists too. Did you know Big House Church also has an album on spotify called Big House Hallelujah? It's fun that it's a local set of artists and I've enjoyed that too.

  3. Love what you have here so far! I would definitely recommend Between The Trees (they only have a small EP but its great), Ghost Ship, Bethel Music Group, and The Ember Days!


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