kathryn & lissy - seniors

So... Part of quitting my day job at the office was taking some of my hobbies a little more seriously to bring in some extra money. It's taken a little bit (or a lot) of pride swallowing to hop on board the everyone-is-a-photographer train, especially when my story is similar to everyone else's - I got my first camera when I was 6 & it's been love ever since. I enjoy it! & it's been a joy over the last couple of years to hone in on some skills & practice on family & friends.

That being said, I've been sharing some favorites from past shoots I've done over on our *brand spanking new* facebook page (checkkkkk it!) & today, I'm giving blog readers an exclusive preview of my senior photo shoot with Lissy & Kathryn. 

These two girls are near & dear to my heart as Lissy is my biological baby sister & Kathryn is her best friend = emotional baby sister. I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY ARE GOING TO BE SENIORS. But alas! They're lovely ladies & gorgeous, as you're about to see. Enjoy! (Click the read more under their picture to see all the photos!)

Told you they're pretty.

More information can be found on our Facebook page, but I'll be sharing some extra info soon - Stay tuned!

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