snow place like home

Just some captured moments from last week's snow day. It was ohhhhhh so cold, & we managed about 20 minutes of "fun" before we went straight back to the couch, where Doctor Who was waiting for us with open arms. Typical southerners. We like to dream about living a life somewhere in the Northeast, but... Well, I guess we'll have to figure that out as we go. Sounds like more coats & boots shopping to me, so I'm still game.

We usually get one good heaping of snow around here, in which the whole city shuts down for about 2 days. School is cancelled, shops stay closed, & it really is like living in a snow globe. Except then the sun comes out, the temperature goes right back up to nearly 50 degrees & the snow melts away like it was just a figment of our imaginations. This time, it's actually stayed cold for a few days, & nearly a week later, this blessed snow is still on the ground. STAY FOREVER, SNOW! Or at least until Valentine's Day. Then it can be warm, please.


  1. These pictures made my heart ache to be somewhere where it's snowing and not just cold. They are so beautiful [also, y'all's fashion sense is so amazing, your outfit is gorgeous! I'm in love with it.]

  2. These buildings......SIGH. They are so so breathtakingly beautiful - get me there asap!!!


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