iphone does: november beach escape

I guess I haven't done that many "iphone does" posts since I started using ridiculous apps that help me cheat my way out of a limited square frame, because I was about to throw my laptop off the bed  screaming, "BLOGGER'S SPACING IS ALL OFF AGAIN." ... Mmmm, nope. It's just me & my square-frame-claustrophobia.

To be honest, I've not even pulled photos off our camera yet from our fantastic week in Pine Knoll Shores. We've been being social, which is ah! SO MUCH FUN! I'm inching my way ever nearer to the last event of the season at work, after which, I become a normal Monday-Friday-er for the next four glorious months. HUH-RAYYYY! It's the perfect cycle, because that's about when I start getting twitchy inside the office, craving a good event to get the adrenaline pumping.

Long story long, you get Instagram pictures because I've been being a normal 20-something. I am so bad at this blogging thing ;)

But isn't my niece just thah CUTEST?
Thanksgiving, come quick!
I need a baby fix!

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